What is Music Story ?

Music Story is an international music data provider offering high-value B2B services based on strong digital music expertise

Smart data

Music Story has expertise in processing, enrichment and music metadata analysis: we ensure digital curation, aggregation and editorial prioritisation of data

Digital music

We provide support to digital media, platforms, operators and retailers who wish to strengthen their audience engagement. Accelerator of added value, Music Story assists you in developing your digital music offer

Work with a team of experts to add better value

On the comprehensive domain of digital music we aim to be a constant help and source of inspiration for our clients. And meet their needs as fully as possible.

Covering every aspect of digital music

For years, Music Story has developed knowledge in different domain of digital music such as : automated matching and sourcing, data management and of course music it self.

Support for tech & product teams

We offer a strong support to digital music platforms : we work very closely with their teams, we are capable of identifying and solving their problems.

Specific solutions and flexibility

We stay constantly focused on clients’ demands. Putting every parts of our process at their service. Whatever can be their needs in terms of new sources, specific coverage or data.


Of course, we have the passion of our craft. But our real strength lies in our differences :
this richness inspires us and feed our vision.
It allows us to go ahead for our customers, every day. That’s why we joined Music Story.
Let’s talk together.

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