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Music Story is a metadata provider fully dedicated to music. We improve your digital music service with the most qualitative music metadata offer on the market.

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What can Music Story do for you?

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Music metadata

Our catalog is the result of more than 10 years of listening to our customers. Our solution is able to bring you the most exhaustive and reliable music metadata, such as accurate artists’ names in various languages, referral discographies and genre classification.

Images licenses

We guarantee worldwide rights on a vast range of imagery, based on solid agreements with partners, including labels and renowned image providers.

Editorial contents

Our global music editors and writers’ network allows us to produce the most consistent, reliable, and up-to-date texts on artists and music releases.

International coverage

Our team is permanently scrutinizing charts and playlists to offer our clients in-depth worldwide coverage, including North America, LATAM, Europe, South East Asia, and Oceania.

Labels agreement

We have established a special relationship and signed specific agreements with labels to secure all assets on your online music offer.

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Proactive coverage

Our process combines automatic processes such as semantic matching, audio analysis or machine learning and human expertise. This allows us to be flexible and guarantee a specific coverage of any missing part in your catalog.

Matching & disambiguation

We ingest, repair and enrich our client’s catalogs. Provided with a turnkey solution, they can focus more on their product than on backend issues.

Project guidance and support

Our team is fitted to work closely with product teams, supporting their projects and bringing them solutions to catalog or metadata issues.

Aggregation of third-parties’ services & licenses

We aggregate contents with licenses under agreement from many different companies well established in the music data area, such as Lyricfind for lyrics, or Simbals for audio identification.

Data feeds and API

We deliver our metadata and content using various formats and secured storage solutions, from our standard API to data feeds specifically designed for our clients.

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Benefit from high quality and secured content:

  • Worldwide displaying rights of use on electronic devices and embedded systems
  • Images implementations guidelines to enforce legal security
  • Support from our team on claims on images delivered by Music Story
  • Partnerships with established images companies, such as Getty Images, Inc


Why is Music Story the right metadata provider for you?

Improve your catalog coverage and user experience thanks to the most qualitative music metadata

Take advantage of a flexible and cost effective alternative to conventional and generalist metadata sources

Team up with music metadata experts of 10 years, attentive to your challenges

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  • “The ability to match music data accurately and on a large scale makes Music Story a truly valuable partner.”

    Ludovic Pouilly, SVP, Institutional & Music Industry Relations logo

  • “The ability to match music data accurately and on a large scale makes Music Story a truly valuable partner.”

    Ludovic Pouilly, SVP, Institutional & Music Industry Relations logo

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