What is Music Story ?

Music Story is an international music metadata provider offering high-value B2B services based on strong digital music expertise

Skills that make Music Story

Music expertise mixed with tech at every stage.

Catalog management

Our tens of millions of titles are 100% managed for our customer’s catalogs. Catalog management requires qualified knowledge within every title that matters in all the territories that we cover.
Our catalog management is a rigorous process with a rich and complete toolbox. Our ability to reach specific coverage targets without losing the whole dataset’s relevance is unmatched in the business.

Editorial engineering

Music Story has built its own editors and writers’ network from all around the world, all being advanced music experts. This capacity, used every day to develop our offer, is often involved in building specific solutions as part of projects we carry out for our customers.

Technical engineering

The ingestion of our customers’ catalogs, the aggregation of B2B music services, and the delivery of productive tools rely on a tech team with strong knowledge in metadata processing and a solid sense of technical performance. This team is at the core of each solution we deliver to our clients.

Advanced support

Music Story has intensely focused on our clients’ services, bringing more than just licensed content. All the processes in place allow us to build solutions that can be a complete part of our client’s activity. They can benefit from service-level agreements (SLA), long-term monitoring, joint steering committees, or support for each of our areas of expertise (catalog, editorial, tech, or legal).

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Our story

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In 2008 Music Story was created as a B2C service. We built a music database, allowing everyone to search for discographies, biographies, and other details about their favorite artists. We then turned the service towards a B2B offer to deal with a clear need we saw in the music industry. We developed our activity step by step to build long term growth.

Entrepreneurs have to evolve and reinvent themselves, especially in an industry like ours. We felt the need to keep working towards developing a team, trusted partners, and a business dedicated to getting added value from music metadata.

Music Story became the service it is today thanks to its founders. They were among the first to think that tech was more of a solution than a problem for the music industry, which was confirmed by the rise of streaming platforms and digital media services. In this new chain of value, technology is essential.

All of our B2B services were developed on these core values. In 2009, our first contract was made with Deezer (which is still going on today), keeping up with bringing our long-term value and building trustworthy and efficient solutions for our clients. The Music Story API was launched in 2012, and we kept developing our product in Europe before going international in 2015, with our first client from the United States. In the United States, more than 50% of our business was made in 2019. We are currently working globally with a team with more than ten years of experience leading projects related to music metadata.

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Presentations of teams in France and the U.S.A.



Jean-Luc Biaulet, Founder and CEO

Jean-Luc Biaulet

Valentin Andries, CTO

Valentin Andries

Agnès Verin, Executive assistant

Agnès Verin
Executive assistant

Catalog Management

Frédérique Zahnd, Catalog manager

Frédérique Zahnd
Catalog manager

Stéphanie Robin, Catalog Manager

Stéphanie Robin
Catalog manager


François Alvarez, Editorial manager

François Alvarez
Editorial manager

Loïc Picaud, Editorial manager

Loïc Picaud
Editorial manager


David Bourasseau, database manager

David Bourasseau
Database manager

Michael Vanbelle, Ux - Backoffice

Michael Vanbelle
Ux – Backoffice

Lucas Seguinot, data processing

Lucas Seguinot
Data processing