Music Story is partnering with music labels and distributors to give our users access to official licenses for cover art, artist images, audio identification, and other content. We help solving many legal issues faced in dealing with music-related content. Our wide range of licenses allows us to provide the most secure and complete music metadata offer on the market.

Licensed content

Get the license, not the problems

Cover art

Music Story is bringing the use of licensed cover art and artist images, whether it is broadcasted on radio players or displayed on music services and devices. Cover art may be combined with enriched music metadata, taking advantage of our song identification services such as API semantic recognition or audio fingerprints.

A game-changer for your music streams, adding highlights and interactions!

Fingerprints and audio descriptors

Calculation of audio descriptors requires access to audio files and specific licenses derived from audio catalog licenses.

Music Story is fully authorized by its partners to grant the right of use for music fingerprints, plus other audio descriptors. We also handle audio access, delivering our user’s fresh descriptors ready to use for identification or recommendation.

Using audio-related metadata just became far more comfortable without having to deal with audio catalog licenses yourself.

Promotional contents

Take advantage of promotional efforts on a larger catalog

Promotional agreements

Music Story distributes its metadata and content to many DSPs and music services globally. We firmly believe that we owe it to the labels to get leverage for promoting their artists. We are determined to help highlight their content, putting extra effort into the back catalog.

That is why Music Story has signed secured agreements with labels like PIAS to ingest their promotional metadata (more specifically, artists’ images) and distribute them on all their clients’ services.

Artists images

Artist images are among the essential promotional content delivered by our label partners and managed by Music Story.

We are paying great attention to identify, trace, and even prioritize these images over other ones with rights all along the distribution process. Music Story provides labels with access to its back-office to manage its visual assets, bringing reactivity to its image delivery service.

Are you a label?

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