Engage your users better with music

At Music Story, we are genuinely motivated by our passion for music. We provide the only metadata offer 100% dedicated to music available on the market, supported by a team evolving in Music and Tech for more than 10 years.

To us, music experience must be perfect. Our music metadata offer includes a guaranteed coverage of your own catalog and the availability of music passionate experts working with cutting edge technological tools. Music Story is your trustworthy partner to create the most outstanding music experience.

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A Music focused Metadata offer

Our Music Metadata catalog

A real passion for music makes the best music experiences

The Music Story catalog is built to bring the best high-quality content to your users. We aggregate millions of tracks sorted by genre, from Afrotrap to Chamber Music. We cover music from all over the world and give you access to an extensive collection of descriptors at the artist, album, and recording levels.


Offering the most accurate music metadata offer on the market starts with particular attention given to artists metadata:

  • Classification by genre, instrument & country
  • Aliases and translated names on all covered territories
  • Band membership and collaborations
  • Artists with similar musical universes
  • Distinction between bands and persons
  • External Ids, including social ids


Thanks to our music-focused metadata offer, every platform can select the most relevant albums and singles. Our “canonical album” selection allows us to manage steady metadata such as original release dates:

  • Canonical album gathering all releases for one same album
  • Type & format, identifying original albums and singles
  • Original release dates
  • Multi-performers and main performer management
  • Similar albums
  • External ids, including UGC referral databases


Our music metadata benefits from an extensive, permanent, and precise matching work with numerous databases on the market. We are working closely with partners such as Simbals and Lyricfind, to offer enhanced features such as music recognition and links to lyrics.

  • Charts positions, current and historical, editor’s pick
  • Audio descriptors: energy, tempo, harmony, and timbre (*)
  • Moods, themes, valence, arousal, danceability, music/speech, vocal/instrumental (*)
  • External Ids, making the bridge with DSPs, B2B services, and Lyrics providers.

(*) calculated using Simbals’ technology

International coverage

Our passion for music knows no borders

Music Story is an international team. Our writers and music editors’ network is global, giving us the ability to cover all territories for your music catalogs, including editorial material.

List of covered territories

North America LATAM Europe Asia Oceania
Canada Argentina Austria China Australia
U.S.A. Brazil Belgium Hong-Kong New Zealand
Chile Denmark Indonesia
Colombia Finland Japan
Costa Rica France Malaysia
Ecuador Germany Philippines
Mexico Greece Singapore
Peru Ireland South Korea
Uruguay Italy Thailand

Connecting you to a global ecosystem

Work seamlessly with the finest B2B music services

Music Story is an all-in-one solution including licenses and services of our own, along with integrated services from tiers. We gather all the best features in order to offer you the best music metadata options.

Music Story’s database is permanently matched in-depth with third-parties’ databases, such as Getty Image or Lyricfind, to bring you all the content and licenses you need. To fully answer your needs, we also permanently aggregate UGC external content as Musicbrainz, Discogs, and Wikipedia.

Table of permanent external matching

Artist Album Recording
UGC database Discogs
DSPs Apple
B2B services Napster Napster Napster
Lyrics LyricFind
Socials Facebook
Images Getty Images


Image rights for your catalog

Make it look as good as it sounds


Artists imagery

Our offer includes secured rights on artists’ images for editorial use worldwide (commercial use not included). These rights are provided for a use on any electronic device, including on Smart TVs and embedded in cars.

All images are delivered by Music Story in High Definition, in original and square format, with possible cropping. They are delivered with related metadata, traceability information, copyright texts, and layout information.

Cover art

We are working closely with labels to provide secured rights on cover art, straight from the source. Plus, thanks to our API connectors used for semantic recognition of songs, the cover art can easily be linked to the right song and album.

Discover our work with labels

Editorial Content

Working with the music storytellers

a storyteller editing content


Your music offer is much more striking with good emphasis on artists, and Music Story is standing by your side every step of the way. We provide optimized biographies (200-word average), along with worldwide secured rights.

All biographies are written in the highest English standards, with the possibility of exclusive productions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any other language!


We rely on our international network of writers to produce various editorial items, like biographies, reviews, or catchy texts such as « famous-for… ». Team up with Music Story to define and frame your projects, then set up the bespoke production process you need.

Audio Descriptors

The essential components for good recommendations

a DJ mixing

Label agreements

Music Story is getting access to audio files through partnerships with labels and can safely provide audio descriptors and identification solutions. You can use these services without risking any legal issues.

Learn more about our deals with labels

Simbals’ technology

Thanks to the Simbals’ technology, Music Story can offer a 100% ready solution for your audio identification and recommendations. We’re adding the most advanced audio processing and audio descriptors calculation to the high quality of metadata produced by experts and semantic matching:

  • fingerprint calculation and audio identification of recordings, with a high level of recognition in short acquisition time
  • audio descriptors calculation, at both low level, as tempo, loudness…., and high level, as recognition of music vs speech or vocal vs instrumental
  • based on an internal corpus, and customizable to use an external one, machine learning generates moods and themes descriptors.

Discover all audio descriptors


Catalog cleansing & enrichment

Make your music catalog shine

Our team has all capabilities to ingest your metadata catalog and to match it with our own catalog on an ongoing basis. There is a lot to be gain from this:

  • artists disambiguation,
  • identification and fixing of mixed discographies,
  • enrichment with all licensed contents from Music Story,
  • getting back a clean, enriched, and seamless catalog, using your own ids

In short: we clean, enrich, and reintegrate metadata in your catalog.

Guaranteed coverage

Get much more control over your coverage

Music Story proceeds to proactive and selective monitoring of playlists and charts, detecting all priorities. By doing this, we are responsively keeping up with highly relevant coverage.

Music Story can commit to a guaranteed coverage of your catalog, customizing its automatic and manual processes, so we don’t miss any of your priorities. Along with all current priorities’ detection, our team has an on-going dedication of resources to cover our clients’ preferences.

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Data feeds and API

Get inside Music Story’s belly

Our data feeds used to deliver the metadata are completely customizable, frequently complying with Service Legal Agreements (SLA) we set up with our users:

  • transfer protocol: S3, SFTP, FTP
  • directory synchronization: RSYNC for images
  • formats: JSON, XML or CSV.

We highly recommend using our API rather than a dedicated data feed regarding the clients dealing with a music database smaller than 500,000 titles.

The Music Story API is a toolbox offering easy integration of our music metadata in every digital context, sparing time to your product and tech teams.

To explore our API or get a free API account with a limited number of requests, please subscribe to our developer portal.

Permanent support

We are all ears, always

Our data feeds and API benefit from dedicated technical support, with specific monitoring for our SLAs. But we go much further, and our clients benefit from:

  • catalog, editorial, and legal support for coverage, content production, and legal issues
  • project support, to assist your product team throughout their project development and beyond, and build with them the best metadata options, dedicated or not, combining licenses, processes, and technology.

We like nothing more than to fix things and to bring the right solutions to our clients!