Our Partners

Music Story is working hard to enhance its offer and to provide the best of breed when it comes to supplying music metadata services and licenses. To do so, we are integrating complementary services, adding value to our skillset and our music metadata.

We have extensive experience in dealing with music metadata and we know who to work with to meet our clients’ needs. We collaborate closely with partners who are as reactive as we are, and qualified to add real value. We are building reliable services with carefully selected partners, making us a one-stop shop for our customers


Simbals – Audio analysis and tagging

Simbals is a leading company in AI-driven solutions for music detection and tagging

Simbals has developed the most complete automatic tagging and fingerprinting technology for the music market. Their audio descriptors are the most accurate, from low-level categories (tempo, keys…), to high-level ones (danceability or moods, themes, liveness…). Simbals combines deep learning and machine learning techniques to achieve audio tagging, content identification, and music recommendations.

Simbals is the perfect complement to Music Story’s large network of music editors. Simbals’ tagging techniques bring exhaustivity and reactivity to Music Story’s production processes, and Music Story’s music knowledge is perfectly fitted to feed Simbals’ AI learning phases.

Our customers can access Simbals services through a single agreement with Music Story, in a seamless and transparent workflow. Music Story and Simbals are used to building and managing together reliable infrastructures, improving audio tagging and identification, and complying with the most demanding SLAs.

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