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references for USA Amazon, Fender, Hubbard Radio, Napster, SeatGeek, Viacom CBS, Vivid Seats, Xperi


references for Europe : Audiovalley, Deezer, Hessischer RundFunk, Jazzed, Les Indés radios, Qobuz, Moodagent, NRJ, Universal

Artists Imagery

Music Story is providing licenses and artists images to some of the USA and Germany’s biggest digital radio networks:

  • license of use of artists images on applications and websites, available for all type of electronic devices
  • guaranteed coverage on thousands artists displayed on the platform
  • images delivery in specific formats with additional metadata, allowing an automatic and efficient integration on the application (radio player and artist pages)

Client types: Media, Ticketing, Online Music Education, Automotive applications

Metadata enhancement

Music Story is the exclusive metadata supplier for many international streaming platforms:

  • licenses for biographies, images, and metadata for over 17 millions tracks
  • on-going ingestion of our client’s metadata catalogs
  • permanent automated matching with Music Story’s database
  • artists and discography disambiguation
  • guaranteed coverage, specific production of content based on priorities
  • specific data feeds including enriched content connected to the client’s ids for a seamless ingestion

Client types: Music streaming platforms, B2B music streaming providers, Radio services, Automotive integrations, Ticketing services

Recommendation feed

Music Story is producing and aggregating metadata fitted to feed recommendation engines and interactive music video channels:

  • production of song level’s descriptors, such as related artists and songs, genre classification, and original release dates
  • management of audio or video files to calculate audio descriptors, as danceability or vocal/instrumental
  • guaranteed coverage on the top thousands of songs played on the platform
  • on-going aggregation and data feeds

Client types: Media, Music, and music video streaming platforms

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